At Loma we love to get outside and play, and we know first-hand the importance of quality outdoor gear. The outdoors is where all our stress lifts off our shoulders from our day to day lives . Where we can find our  younger and more inquisitive self. Here at Loma Outdoors you will find gear to ready you for your next exploration!


" thank you so much Loma the hammock is crazy lightweight it beats out my backpacking tent hands down. The fact that i don't have to sleep on the cold hard ground is amazing I will never go back to a traditional tent and I will always buy from you guys" 

Jeremy Lewis

"It was so hard to get my husband out camping he works 60+ hours a week and doesn't want to spend his weekends in the woods working. I stumbled a cross Loma Outdoors and found gear that made camping easier, now we go as much as we can! " 

Jenifer Adams